The Greenfield Rejuvenators are a downtown beautification group that’s working to make Greenfield a more pleasant and lively place in which to spend time, helping businesses, local residents, and visitors alike.

The Rejuvenators have done the downtown median container plantings for the last two years. This year we’re excited to announce our latest effort; the Downtown Bench Project. We’re raising funds to build fifteen to thirty benches in downtown tree wells along Main and Federal Streets and Bank Row. In a joint effort with the Town of Greenfield, the tree grates, which are actually harming rather than protecting the trees, are being removed.¬†We’ve built a prototype bench outside the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce at 395 Main Street, which has received tons of great feedback, and will add a couple more soon along Main. This winter the DPW will see how the benches are affected by snow removal and come spring, we’ll be in full bench-building mode!

We’re also planning on light pole planting containers for next year and light pole banners are on our wish list as well. You can help beautify downtown by helping the Rejuvenators!